Bali resorts are so diverse that they can satisfy the needs and desires of absolutely any tourist. The choice of one or another depends only on inner convictions, personal preferences and financial possibilities. In this case, at any time you can change the place or even go on a tour of the most interesting resort settlements of Bali, the benefit to choose is from what.

Nusa dua

As you know, Indonesia offers the best resorts in Southeast Asia with amazing leisure opportunities. In the leading positions among the fashionable places for recreation is Nusa Dua. It is located just 15 kilometers from the international airport in Denpasar.

Dreaming about a holiday on the coast, you imagine gorgeous mansions, rooms in five-star hotels, service of the highest level, as well as white beaches and azure sea. This is all and more you will find in Nusa Dua.

This resort area is recognized as the birthplace of tourism and recreation in Bali. Here were laid and rebuilt one of the first hotels throughout the country. Today, only the best VIP-class hotels are concentrated here, offering holidays of the same high level. The entire coast of Nusa Dua is almost a continuous strip of 5-star hotels, and entering those who do not live in a hotel is rather problematic.

The beach area is almost completely divided between hotels, which also allows you to protect guests from foreign attention and annoying tourists who can not afford a luxury vacation. On the territory of hotels you can often find expensive spas, beauty salons, swimming pools and golf courses, parks and pedestrian zones, recreation areas and chic restaurants. The resort of Nusa Dua itself is a well-polished area for those people who are not accustomed to counting money, appreciate comfort and can afford absolutely any holiday at a cost. Here often rest movie stars, television, musicians, politicians, athletes and other representatives of the elite society, including from Russia.

If you are a budget tourist, you should not think that Nusa Dua is a paradise completely inaccessible to you. In order for you to relax in these places enough to drive off from the coast, where you can rent housing. You will have to go to the beach from afar, but you can choose open areas or beaches of those hotels where access from the street is not closed. In principle, all the beaches of Bali are open and free land sites, but still some hotel owners somehow seek restrictions on visiting the beach located in the territory of their hotel

Nusa Dua beach is quite subject to the influence of tides, but even at high tide you can comfortably relax on the coast. The timetable for the occurrence of this natural phenomenon is contained on the tablets at the beaches of all hotels in the resort. The strong waves periodically arising here usually do not prevent tourists from sunbathing or swimming in the ocean.

In the resort of Nusa Dua there is a large shopping center – Bali Collection, which can be reached on foot from virtually any hotel. This place is considered the focus of supermarkets, shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. If you decide to go shopping, then remember that prices here are slightly higher than at other Balinese resorts, but the goods are of excellent quality. In the same shopping center, in the gallery, in the evening they show various representations of national themes.

Tanjung Benoa

Indonesia offers rest not only to rich tourists, but is glad to meet with any income. So, in close proximity to the fashionable Nusa Dua is the resort Tanjung Benoa – more simple and affordable, less pretentious and expensive. Such a neighborhood does not detract from the merits of this place, but on the contrary emphasizes its immediacy and dissimilarity to its neighbor. People of moderate means who are accustomed to active entertainment and good service can relax here.

Tanjung Benoa can offer great opportunities for rest and recreation for tourists: the cleanest beaches, azure clear waters of the ocean, boats, parachutes, jet skis, bananas and other water activities.

Not so long ago this resort village was now a small fishing village and the main waterway of the city. Today, the port still works here, but for other purposes – the provision for the rental of ships and equipment for active water recreation.

Tanjung Benoa Beach stretches for a mile and a half and is a wide strip of pure white sand. There are no strong waves and dangerous marine animals here, since about a kilometer from the coast there is a rather large coral reef that acts as a barrier on the way to the resort. As well as in nearby Nusa Dua, the ebb and flow is a standard phenomenon. Check the schedule of this natural phenomenon in any hotel.

Tanjung Benoa is quite a young resort not only in Bali, but also in Indonesia in general. Despite the fact that it has developed quite recently, it has already gained enviable popularity and has become one of the largest centers for water entertainment in this region.

The highlight of the resort can be called the fact that there are facilities that represent various religious denominations of the modern world: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

Also, in addition to standard excursion programs, Tanjung Benoa offers its guests sea excursions. You can go to the center of the turtles, walk through the mangroves, sit with a fishing rod near the water, admire the dolphins that will swim very close to you, and also make a lot of interesting things. If you know in advance what kind of entertainment you prefer at the resort, you can book excursions via the Internet and get a discount that promises almost every excursion bureau of the island.


Indonesia can not be imagined without a resort aimed at meeting the needs and desires of just the young population of our planet. Today it is a popular place of rest for party-goers – the resort of Kuta, which is located in Bali. Kuta is recognized as the most densely populated resort of the island. It is located about 15 minutes from the airport and is considered the most close to it. The place is suitable for recreation for absolutely any tourist, as there are both cheap hostels and expensive luxury hotels. The resort is somewhat similar to an anthill, as all the new tourists come here every day, looking for a holiday of sharp impressions and good nightly entertainment. It is noisy, often dirty, but at the same time very fun and interesting.

The best beaches are Tuban, Kuta, Seminyak and Legian in Bali. Kuta Beach is recognized as the most suitable for surfing, famous for its wide sandy strip and noisy surf. The rest of the beaches are located on both sides of Kuta and are considered its logical continuation, however, more calm and clean.

In Seminyak are luxury villas and unusual restaurants. If we talk about the coast as a whole, then quiet swimming is almost inaccessible here, as there are underwater currents and powerful surf. You can swim only in places marked with red-yellow flags. Kuta is the best place for beginning surfers: big waves, as well as the complete absence of corals and underwater rocks makes the resort a suitable place for beginners.

If you can’t imagine a good holiday in Indonesia without nightly entertainment, then Kuta is your option and this resort will not disappoint you. Most of the bars, clubs and restaurants are open until the morning, but there are also those that close around midnight. Here it is quite possible to leisurely cruise through the streets of the city, periodically entering open bars, until dawn. Thousands more tourists will make you company, which also wanders in search of adventure. But, despite such an active nightlife, one should not expect any obscenities from Kuta, as the resort is considered an “immaculate” place (there are no strip bars and go-go dances here).


Jimbaran is another expensive resort that represents a luxury vacation. The village is only 15 minutes from the noisy and crowded Kuta. Unlike a non-sleeping neighbor, Jimbaran offers a relaxing holiday, when you can enjoy your own private beach at a rented villa in the dense forests and during the rest not meet a single person! The resort is still gaining popularity, so the public side of recreation and infrastructure are not very high.

The ocean in the resort bay is an ideal place for a beach holiday and swimming, not affected by the ebb and flow. There are also excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling.

The coastline of Jimbaran is known throughout the island due to the large number of various fish restaurants that serve wonderful dishes for quite a modest price. The tables of almost all institutions are located right next to the water on the sandy stretch of the coast.


Planning a relaxing family vacation in Indonesia? Prefer to relax in Bali? Then feel free to go to Sanur! The description of this resort by numerous tourists sounds like a peaceful place with a calm atmosphere and unspoiled nature. Sanur is a fairly large resort area with a huge selection of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. You can get here from the airport in half an hour.

The main advantage of the resort is its seven-kilometer white sandy beach. Here is the port of the same name, from which you can get to the islands from Bali: Gili, Penid, Noosa, etc. Most of the tourists here are Europeans, who inherently adore silence and tranquility, and also appreciate comfort, good service and the absence of a large influx of tourists. If we talk about prices, they are much higher here than in Kuta, but they are inferior to those installed in Nusa Dua.

Rest is not available to any tourist, as the main segment of hotels is within 3 – 5 stars. As for cheap housing and hostels, this is very difficult here.

Sanur beach is clean, calm and quiet. There are almost no waves here. During low tide, it is shallow at the shore, and in order to reach the depth, it will take a very long time. That is why Sanur is considered a favorite place to stay with young children. There are a lot of pedestrian wide paths around the resort, which makes the settlement the safest place for walking and cycling.


Lovina is not the most popular resort in Indonesia and, in particular, Bali, as it is located on the north coast, where you will have to take about 3 hours to get from the airport by taxi.

If you are not the first time in Bali and still want solitude and silence, then visit this resort area. Here is one of the attractions of the island – black sand on the beach, which has a lava origin.

There are no waves at the resort, and the affordability of housing and food prices attracts tourists from all over the world.

The main value of the resort is its unity with wild nature, the enjoyment of its riches: hot sulfur springs, active diving, a varied excursion program to natural beauty. Cockfights, which anyone can visit, are considered to be the unique entertainment of the region.


Indonesia is famous not only coastal resorts, but also those that are located in the wild jungle. One of these places is considered a small town in the heart of the Balinese jungle – Ubud. It is located between the picturesque rice terraces, river valleys and jungle-covered hills. Ubud is a place where you are provided not only a peaceful pastime, but also familiarity with the culture and history of the region.

Dorga from the airport will be about an hour. If you are not ready to spend your entire vacation in such a place, you can come here from any seaside resort in Bali for at least a few days. There are a lot of attractions, temple complexes, museums and art galleries, including quite unique ones.

The most impressive is the Monkey Forest, where many of these primates live in their natural habitats.

Sights of Ubud. Bali resorts are quite diverse. If you want all the most expensive, then you need to Nusa Dua, fun nightlife – in Kuta, relaxation and tranquility – in Sanur, solitude with nature – in Lovina, familiarity with the traditions of the island – in Ubud. It is