Among the sprawling beauty of Zaamin Reserve, on the slope of the Turkestan ridge, is located Zaamin Sanatorium. Any patients are welcome here, whether they are aged people or children from four years old. A ticket issued by hand implies a two-week stay in a sanatorium, located away from the noisy city rhythm – a similar holiday in Uzbekistan will be remembered for a long time. A large number of mineral springs will allow you to choose the water that will bring more benefits, and the clear crystal air of the mountains will significantly affect the respiratory system.

The sanatorium is also ideal for patients suffering from nervous disorders – a mild climate, low humidity, moderate warmth, picturesque landscapes and the possibility – all together it works much better than those medicines prescribed by city doctors.

 A hotel in Uzbekistan can boast of modern equipment, which helps to track the development of the disease from diagnosis to the appointment of phased therapy. Amazing relaxation is brought by masseurs, after the procedures of which it is so nice to plunge into the heated pool water.    There are many other events and surprises for residents:

 evening discos;  

cafe visiting;  

spacious reading rooms;

 the ability to play sports;

 operating on the topics of the site;


in winter – skiing.